Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Polish - Nina Ultra Pro in Sailor
I've got a smile on my face, because I've got no more nubs!  And, my nails are a beautiful place today, because of this polish!

Sailor might be the best cream polish I have ever worked with.  It went on smooth, leveled itself out so nicely, and was beyond shiny even before a top coat.  I'm just almost speechless.  I have notoriously bad luck with cream polish, but not last night!

The pigmentation was excellent.  It took 2 coats for complete coverage on this one.  That's unheard of, for me.  I didn't even get any cuticle drag.  It's a miracle.  I have "Leaf Me Alone" from this same collection and now I can't wait to try it.  I've been dreading it, but not anymore.

The photos I took are not of a fresh manicure.  Almost immediately after this polish dried, I had to take care of some yard work, and after that was done, it was already dark.  So, these photos are of a manicure that did yard work, slept, and then did a half a day's worth of typing.  There's minimal tip-wear and some scratches, but it's still just such a lovely color that I don't think anyone will even notice.

Nina Ultra Pro

Nina Ultra Pro

Nina Ultra Pro

The color is a few shades lighter than Sally Hansen's Navy Baby.  It's a true Navy, not even close to black.  It's awesome.  Go buy it, if you can still find it.

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