Friday, May 20, 2011

Raspberry Rush

Polish - CQ Raspberry Rush
Nubs - Day 8

Well, finally, a polish that wasn't free or on clearance!  I bought this CQ polish probably 10 years ago and I'm sure I purchased it from Wal-Mart.  It's not truly untried, but it's untried within the past 5 years, for sure.  I figured that should count for something.

When I was maybe 5 years old, I was a flower girl in a wedding.  My dress was this color, almost exactly.  I loved that dress.  And I love the color of this polish.  The finish isn't my favorite, but it is better than the Rimmel from a few days ago.  I will give it that much. 

When applying this polish, I had planned to use 1 coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty, 2 coats of polish, and a final coat of Double Duty.  I knew the coverage on this polish would be sufficient after 2 coats.  It was meant to be a quick, stress-free manicure.

Well, things didn't go according to plan.  In the middle of doing my mani, the storm came, and we had to move the car to a safer location, in case it hailed.  And then a bunch of other stuff happened.  It was a crazy night.  So what I finally ended up with was, 1 coat of Double Duty, 2 coats of polish, 1 coat of Seche Vite, another coat of polish, and a final coat of Seche Vite. 

The problem with that, was that almost immediately after, I gave my husband a haircut and ended up gouging my right thumb and middle finger.  And with no time to redo them, the following photos were taken of my left hand instead.  I normally take photos of my right hand, because I am left handed and therefore my right hand always looks better than my left.  But, not today.

On top of the mess that was this manicure's life, it's also a rainy, cloudy, yucky day.  So the photos are not great.  But, I got some decent color representation with the flash and also got a good shot of what you would think would be shimmer in the bottle.  Well, the shimmer from the bottle is nonexistant on the nail.  Which is a shame.  It might have brought this polish to a special place, but it kind of falls flat.  This polish has been kicking around for so long though, that I'll probably still keep it in my stache.  At this rate, I'm not going to weed out anything, am I?

See?  Beautiful subtle shimmer!  To bad it doesn't actually exist.


Lost in the shadows, right here...gah!




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